3000 Members Strong
Located in the
Middle of the
“Finger Lakes Region”
A Four Star Vacationland


2020 Meeting Schedule

January 21st   MacDougall Sportsmen’s Club
Annual Banquet Election of Officers
February 18th   Kuneytown Sportsmen’s Club
March 17th   Canoga Sportsmen’s Club
April 21st   Lodi Sportsmen’s Club
May 19th   South Seneca Sportsmen's
May 21st   Interlaken Sportsmen’s Club
Annual Banquet
June 16th   Waterloo Sportsmen’s
Member Appreciation Dinner
July & August   NO MEETINGS
September 15th   FLCC: American Legion Waterloo
October 20th   North Seneca Sportsmen’s
November 17th   Interlaken Sportsmen’s Club
December 15th   Buckskin Bowmen

Officers & Directors

President Dieter Kraemer (607) 857-4005
Vice President Tom Grasek (315) 835-5502
Secretary Christopher Folk (315) 246-8547
Treasurer Bill Ryan (315) 651-8789
Director Ed Mitchell (315) 374-3456
Director Greg Wadhams (315) 789-0600
Director Norm Ridley (315) 651-9096
NYSCC Eric Riegel (315) 730-2257
NYSCC Alt Aaron Youngs (315)-719-2814
FWMB Tom Grasek (315) 835-5502
FWMB Alt John Andrews (315) 539-2820
FLCC Greg Wadhams (315) 789-0600
FLCC Alt Nate Kennedy (315) 539-9251

Senator Pamela Helming (315) 568-9816
Assembly Assistant Minority Leader Philip Palmesano (315) 781-3070
Assemblyman Phillip Palmesano (607) 776-9691
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